The change necessary to meet Board mandates for innovation are 80% people-related and 20% technology-focused.

Building an Innovation Lab or hosting an offsite meeting is not sufficient to realign culture around innovation. Insights uncovered in our Leadership and Workshop sessions refresh and empower your current employees and managers. For example, new policy typically flows top-down; however, observations and insights of customer behavior and market disruption flow from customer-facing employees up the chain of command. An organizational alignment ensures this information is not diluted by layers of management or hijacked by corporate politics.

From creating frameworks for an innovative culture to embedding within your human resource team as an onsite consultant, we have the in-house expertise to deliver lasting cultural change.

As one of only a dozen women-only undergraduate colleges in the country, attracting new students is challenging. However, Mills’ rich history of equality and social justice matches prospective students’ feelings towards today’s polarized world. Although the opportunity exists, colleges and universities do not turn on a dime, and big was patient through the entire process.
— Mills College