“What happens if we train our people and they leave?”
“What happens if we don’t train them and they stay?”

Most individual contributors and mid-level managers are the least visible to leadership, so their direct insights are not solicited or if communicated, are diluted as they permeate through multiple organizational layers. Since their observations are underrepresented, they receive little development.

However, through daily contact with your customers, these employees hold the most valuable insights to improve your offering and your business. Our one-day workshops create safe spaces for emerging leaders, mid-level managers, and individual contributors to get their feelings on the table, harness that emotion into business objectives, and give them storytelling skills to better communicate their insights.

Cities across the country are turning to design thinking to solve their problems. At CIF, we focus on mobility challenges: first mile, last mile, multi-modal trips, and pricing for emerging transit solutions. Big’s expertise in facilitation and design thinking allows our business to grow because we trust them as a partner.
— City Innovate Foundation