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For centuries, successful businesses relied on the strength of people’s backs, then upon stronger machines. Relieved of the burden of physical labor, humans pursued knowledge work, which later was augmented by microchips and software.

We live in the automation economy.

Today, machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms value a) technology to achieve scale and b) scale to control markets using c) human activity to improve the technology. By subsidizing their services, Facebook, Google, and Uber, among others, are signaling that our data is more valuable than their offering.

However, for the foreseeable future, humans will be the ones deciding whether to adopt your products or services. Further, your most valuable resource, your employees, will be the direct link to your products and services. When a transaction hits a snag, your people will be the ones to find the solution.

Invest in your people.

Thriving companies adopt human-centered design as the language and process of human creativity and ingenuity. Our “Advanced Common Sense Manifesto” allows you to experiment with potential solutions, specific to your environment, and continually adapt as the network evolves.

  1. Learn by doing.

  2. Talk less, listen more.

  3. Curiosity is better than judgment.

  4. Practice “yes, and,” not “yes, but.”

  5. It is better to be understood than to be right.

  6. Make the people around you successful.

  7. Simplicity lives on the far side of complexity.

  8. Trust the process, do the work.

We believe in people.
People believe in us.

Our clients engage us because they say we make them feel “comfortable,” with innovation. They describe our co-creation process as “collaborative,” “refreshing,” and “engaging,” while calling their outcomes “eye-opening,” “culture changing,” and “an outsized return on investment.”

The automation economy is here.
Let’s put people at the center.


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