To deliver innovations, teams need defined spaces to practice design thinking governed by flat organizations and based upon a culture of curiosity.

Developing a separate innovation lab is risky. These spaces can become museum-like environments with futuristic-looking designs placing outcomes over processes. Also, be careful of shoehorning the latest, “tech toys,” like floor-to-ceiling touchscreens featuring the newest innovation software into the space. At the opposite end of the spectrum, companies that scatter a few bean bags before a whiteboards are merely i-washing.

We partner with 47 Strategy to provide a custom rendering of an Innovation Lab within your existing facilities. Additionally, we co-create a series of ground rules for the Innovation Lab’s use, so it does not devolve into merely a fancy conference room. Spaces are defined by what the users produce, not the physical aesthetics.

Big made the leadership team and board feel comfortable as our innovation partner. Reimaging a century-old industry took us outside of our comfort zone and challenged our long-held beliefs, but the growth opportunity of a data-focused business model was worth the investment of time and resources. We strongly feel we received a positive ROI.
— Recology