We believe if common sense business decisions brought your company success, then advanced common sense, practiced through design thinking, will propel your company forward.

Executives face thousands of decisions each day and must lean on the accumulated memory of previous solutions to keep the business moving forward. When faced with disruption from a competitor's action (e.g., an acquisition or new product launch) or a well-funded start-up, executives implore their lieutenants to, “brainstorm,” and “think outside the box,” telling them “everything’s on the table.”

By contrast, design thinking is the repeatable, scalable process of seeking new and unusual information before converging on a possible solution. Learning forward through a diversity of possible solutions is encouraged over the inaction that can be caused by trying to find the “right” answer. Design thinking allows the entire leadership team to gather new information and deliver innovation.

Guiding an institution-wide transition of data from server farms into the cloud is eighty percent a people issue and twenty percent a technology challenge. Our teams cannot abandon their daily responsibilities; this migration is an extra assignment. Creating an environment that incorporates employees’ ideas into the process goes a long way to making this project a success.
— UC Health