COE-creation Model

Core innovations are refinements to existing processes aimed at increasing Economies of Scale. The majority of corporate innovation initiatives live here because it is safe; low impact on the status quo, but minimal learning. For example, increasing process efficiency to keep pace with underlying market growth.

Organic innovation uses a company's brand equity to grow via economies of scope. A CPG company uses their core brands' volume to reserve premium shelf space for line extensions and new products. These innovations require multiple iterations and some failures to achieve their more significant impact on the bottom line.

This is the limit of most innovation efforts, consuming the "9 to 5".

Exponential innovation represents the "blue ocean" or "white space" all leaders covet, but few achieve. We coach a "future, back" strategy to break industry Orthodoxies and pursue a human-centered approach. Initial experiments have little impact, require multiple iterations, but are the path to exponential growth.