Why Design Thinking Works Online


Design Thinking is an iterative process and shared language used by entrepreneurs, government officials, and corporate leaders to create innovative products and services.

At its heart, Design Thinking is a “learn by doing” mindset that includes

  • listening to potential customers to understand their unmet needs,

  • re-framing their orthodoxies into opportunities, and

  • discovering novel solutions through prototypes and experimentation.

In this regard, Design Thinking has not fit the traditional mold of online courses, where learners watch voice-over PowerPoints, webcam video lectures, and machine-gradable assessments.

The Berkeley Innovation Group (big), along with Knowdeon, is challenging this orthodoxy because we believe in people’s natural curiosity, their insatiable appetite for connection, and their continued embrace of technology to bring us together.

Much like our in-person Design Thinking workshops, this course is:

  • Collaborative - all coursework is completed in teams of three to four learners,

  • Facilitated - each team receives a dedicated faculty guide throughout the process, and

  • Project-based - the final project is a video that easily translates to social media to build a movement in support of your initiative.

For example, the Oakland A’s used this process to engage a new generation of fans.

Rather than selling assigned seats on a per-game basis, why not create a series of general admission experiences where season-long access is sold via a Netflix-like subscription?


At the end of the six-week online course, you will accomplish a similar reframe through learning about the lives of your (potential) customers that lead to powerful insights about their unmet needs. This enthusiasm leads to a large number of potential solutions, requiring your team to improve upon the most promising ideas through prototypes and experiments.

The final concept from this process will be ready for increased investment and development. You will return to your government agencies, corporate teams, and startups with a new language, mindset, and the means to influence others on Monday morning.

Our next cohort is now forming for launch on February 4th. Find out more at knowdeon.com/design-thinking-info

Jeff Eyet