Design Thinking transforms companies and the people in them. 


Working with you, we solve important business challenges and leave your company a better place.




We've fused design thinking and business into one.

Working with Big, each one improves the other through:




Deep experience, fresh perspective and a thirst for this work. That's Big.


We trust the process. We do the work. We are curious, playful problem solvers. We get results.




What is Design Thinking? 


It's a bad name for a good idea.

It’s based on a powerful insight that we’ve been working with for 30 years: the way designers approach, understand and solve complex problems is a transferable skill set. So, we’ve mapped the design process to business issues and contributed to the field called Design Thinking. Some of us are designers and artists others have MBAs. We’re all avid makers. Through training, learning and experience, we’ve all become very good at this work.


What is Innovation?


When ideas become very popular, they also become very elastic:

They can be stretched to mean almost anything. Innovation is not new – remember fire? What is new is the power of innovation to drive business outcomes. Disciplined innovation is propelling companies and organizations to sustained profitability, and higher value in almost every dimension of success. Why? Because, at its core, well-practiced and disciplined innovation does three things well: discover, design, deliver.


Discover what others haven’t seen, then
Design solutions like products, services, processes, and businesses, then
Deliver them to the people for whom they meet a need or add value.

That’s it. 
Easy to say, difficult to do.


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