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Business model innovation,
powered by design thinking. 


The Berkeley Innovation Group helps you transform your company and the people in it.



Core Innovation: Economies of Scale
Leveraging economies of scale to increase efficiency within your already-existing business model.

Organic Innovation: Economies of Scope
Acquiring another company for their innovative products in order to get ahead of the market.

Exponential Innovation:
True innovation, encouraging creativity and change throughout the entire organization


Executive Innovation

  • Teams of 4-5 executives are led through a curated design thinking immersion
  • Reframe orthodoxies and define low-cost, high-learning experiments

Mid-level Management Innovation
and Innovation Labs

  • Harness the organization’s entire innovation portfolio into a standalone unit
  • Empower bottom-up innovators with one-day design thinking workshops

Organizational Alignment

  • Define innovation metrics, incorporate them into performance analyses, develop rewards for learning and iteration

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